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    Agriculture Market

    We are providing a platform for both farmer's as well as Buyer's without any brokarage fees. Our Aim is, Farmers to get more profit from their products, also we help buyers to get fresh products.

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    Farmer Support

    With our present market condition, we feel that farmer wont get market price for their products due to brokarage and heavy transportation charges. So we took a step to support farmers to make them earn market price.

    HOW?, If You are a farmer you can register with us while your crop is in growing process, we arrange a buyers for that crop/product. You can sell your product from your land directly to buyers at Best Market Price. No more brokerage. No more transportation. No more waiting.

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    Buyer Support

    Buyer's are facing an issues while purchasing agriculture products due to brokers, Market price fluctuation, etc.. So we provide a farmers contact so that buyers can buy products directly from farmers without any worries. It's easy to plan what to buy. Fresh products available, No more brokers, Saves Time.

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    We provide information to our registered Farmer's & Buyer's regarding market. Farmers can easily plan what he want to grow, what is market requirement, etc.. Buyer's also can plan regarding which crop is available, whats market status, Stock, etc..