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    Solar for power

    Solar Power Packs are reliable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and completely maintenance-free. Modular in design, these can be easily customised and upgraded to fulfill increased power requirements.

    - Modular design with the option of customizing and adding on Solar Modules
    - Designed to power fans, lights, TVs. Ideal for rural & suburban households
    - Modules available with 2-4 hours/day back up in standalone mode along with 4-8 hours/day back up in hybrid mode
    - Works on both Solar and AC mains power
    - Protected against over load, short circuit, battery deep discharge, over charge and reverse flow conditions
    - In-built AC mains battery charger and Solar Charge Controller with temperature compensation
    - Table/Wall mountable inverter

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    Why Solar For You?

    As soon as the customer recovers the initial investment, it is profit all the way.

    Solar energy helps to decrease your electricity bills while providing requisite power supply even in case of a blackout.

    Solar power helps to minimize the dependence on foreign or conventional energy sources.

    By dramatically reducing your carbon footprint, you will set an example for others to follow.

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    Solar Lighting Systems

    We Supply solar items for Homes, Hospitals, Offices, Stores, Banks, Community Halls, Educational Institutions

    - Packaged 12 V systems contain Module, Battery, high Efficiency Electronics and Luminaires
    Ready-to-use kit is easy to install, easy to use, and requires negligible maintenance
    Works for 3-5 days even when there’s no sunshine
    Available in a wide range of models

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    Want to buy Solar Items?

    Fill our Contact form with detail requirement. Easy to buy, easy to use.