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    GIS Mapping

    Our team has huge experience in dealing with issues associated with land base facility database conversion and has assisted utility companies, municipalities, consulting firms, facility managers, town planners, architects and engineers.

    Data Conversion, Data Migration, Data Integration, Survey and Data Collection, Digitization/Drafting, Georeferencing/Geocoding, Data Attribution, Image Processing, Contours Generation, Data Format Conversion.

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    Mobile Mapping

    Mobile mapping is the means of collecting geospatial data using mapping sensors that are mounted on a mobile platform. Cameras, along with navigation and positioning sensors, e.g., the Global Positioning System (GPS), and inertial devices such as inertial measurement unit (IMU), are integrated and mounted on a mobile vehicle for mapping purposes.

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    GIS Application Development

    We are technology expertise to provide custom GIS solutions that are available across desktop, web and mobile platforms. Our teams, backed by their extensive experience, define the right technology based solution to develop new GIS applications, convert / migrate legacy GIS applications or upgrade existing GIS applications.

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    Domain Expertise

    Infrastructure Mapping/Facility Mapping, Water & Sewer networks, Electric networks, Irrigation networks, Transportation networks, Telecom Networks, Cadastral/Parcel and Land Use Mapping, Townships and Industrial Layout planning and mapping, etc..

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