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Video tutorials make learning much easier than printed material. It is very easy to understand with an watching examples given than reading on a printed material. It is a online coaching classrooms which covers science, maths, history, economics, software skills, etc.

  • Angles and intersecting lines  This topic continues our journey through the world of Euclid by helping us understand angles and how they can relate to each other.  Watch Video's
  • Angles between intersecting and parallel lines   Welcome. Id like to introduce you to Mr. Angle. Nice to meet you. So nice to meet you. This tutorial introduces us to angles. It includes how we measure them, how angles relate to each other and properties of angles created from various types of intersecting lines. Mr. Angle is actually far more fun than you might initially presume him to be.  Watch Video's
  • Angles with triangles and polygons  Do the angles in a triangle always add up to the same thing? Would I ask it if they didnt? What do we know about the angles of a triangle if two of the sides are congruent (an isosceles triangle) or all three are congruent (an equilateral)? This tutorial is the place to find out.  Watch Video's
  • Perimeter and area of triangles   You first learned about perimeter and area when you were in grade school. In this tutorial, we will revisit those ideas with a more mathy lense. We will use our prior knowledge of congruence to really start to prove some neat (and useful) results (including some that will be useful in our study of similarity).  Watch Video's
  • Triangle inequality theorem  The triangle inequality theorem is, on some level, kind of simple. But, as you ll see as you go into high level mathematics, it is often used in fancy proofs. This tutorial introduces you to what it is and gives you some practice understanding the constraints on the dimensions of a triangle.  Watch Video's
  • Heron s formula  Named after Heron of Alexandria, Heron s formula is a power (but often overlooked) method for finding the area of ANY triangle. In this tutorial we will explain how to use it and then prove it!  Watch Video's
  • Circumference and area of circles   Circles are everywhere. How can we measure how big they are? Well, we could think about the distance around the circle (circumference). Another option would be to think about how much space it takes up on our paper (area). Have fun!  Watch Video's
  • Perimeter and area of non-standard shapes  Not everything in the world is a rectangle, circle or triangle. In this tutorial, we give you practice at finding the perimeters and areas of these less-than-standard shapes!  Watch Video's
  • Volume and surface area  Tired of perimeter and area and now want to measure 3-D space-take-upness. Well you ve found the right tutorial. Enjoy!  Watch Video's
  • Analytic geometry: Geometry problems on the coordinate plane   You are familiar with the ideas of slope and distance on the coordinate plane. You also feel comfortable with congruence an similarity and many of the other core ideas in Euclidean geometry. In this, tutorial, Descartes and Euclid are forced to work together as we tackle geometry problems on the coordinate plane!  Watch Video's
  • Analytic geometry : Distances between points   We are now going to leverage our understanding of the coordinate plane to think about distances between points and ratios of lengths of segments between points.  Watch Video's

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